The conference will take place in Rikli Balance Hotel, Bled, Slovenia.

Address: Cankarjeva cesta 4, 4260 Bled

More information about the conference venue available at the following website:

For more information on the city and the venue location, please visit: or


Participation is open to IRG and non-IRG members who have a professional interest focused on generating knowledge of the science of wood deterioration, and novel solutions to provide sustainable and environmentally responsible products for the protection of wood-based materials.

Deadline for papers

Full paper submissions are due to IRG by the 1st of March 2020. No abstract submission for oral presentations. For poster extended abstracts are expected at the latest by 15th of April 2020. Durability data in papers can be directly uploaded into the IRG-WP Durability Data base. Please use the guidelines and template provided on the website


The IRG51 conference in Slovenia is reaching out beyond the research and industry community who attend on a regular basis, and beyond our historical scope of wood preservation. Young scientists in particular are encouraged to participate.

The IRG51, IRG-WP Annual conference in 2020, will have the same elements as detailed during previous meetings.

In addition to regular submissions, this year we will organise special sessions on two topics:

1. Protection against wood borers in the marine environment

Topics of interest within this session may include:

  • Novel treatments ofwood
  • Timber constructions in the marine environment
  • Damage assessment techniques and maintenance
  • Changes in the abundance and distribution of wood borers due to changing climate conditions
  • Settlement and early attack of wood borers on wood – mode of action
  • Influence of other fouling organisms
  • Bacterial symbionts of wood borers
  • Field tests versus lab trials
  • Lesser known durable wood species
  • Coastline protection using treated wood
  • Aquatic impacts of preservatives
  • Environmental impact models
  • Other items or perspectives 

See the full description of the special session on

Contact Dr Andreas Treu (

2. Surface treatments and characterization

Topics of interest
within this session include, but are not limited to:

  • Plasma treatments
  • Grafting of protective substances onto wood surfaces
  • Sol-gel treatments, including deposition of nanoparticles
  • Thermo-hydromechanical surface treatment methods
  • Wettability of surfaces and wettability assessment methods
  • Surface free energy and methods of its determination
  • Microscopic and spectroscopic surface analytical methods
  • Zeta potential and adsorption phenomena
  • Other items of perspectives
  • See the full description of the special session on

Contact Dr Marko Petrič ( or Dr Holger Militz (

Please be aware of the following deadlines:

• Ron Cockcroft Award (RCA) applications are due December 15, 2019
• Papers are due March 1, 2020
• Posters are due April 15, 2020

All submissions should be sent to the IRG Secretariat:

Templates for IRG papers and posters
Those who intend to present a paper or a poster at an IRG Scientific Conference are requested to prepare their papers and posters in accordance with the following templates:

Guidelines for the preparation of a full scientific paper  can be found on IRG WP website.
A full scientific paper is intended for an oral presentation and will in the program have a time slot of 15 minutes + question time.

Guidelines for the preparation of a Communication Paper/Poster  can be found on IRG WP website.
A communication paper can be less formal and not necessarily strictly follow the format of a scientific paper or scientific poster. A communication paper can be a few paragraphs of narratives of a subject matter including, but not limited to, literature reviews, new ideas/thoughts, observations, communications between different parties, cooperation, results, discussions, processes.
A communication paper is intended for either an oral presentation (15 min + questions) or for a short oral (3 min + 2-3 slides) + poster presentation in the poster session.

Guidelines for the preparation of a Poster Paper and Poster  can be found on IRG WP website.
This guideline gives advice on the layout of a poster. A poster can be accompanied by a short poster paper or by an abstract only. A poster can be presented as a short oral presentation (3 min + 1-3 slides) + poster presentation or as a poster presentation only in the poster session.

Scientific Program Committee Chairman Dr Rod Stirling, CA 

President IRG Dr Lone Ross Gobakken, NO 

Section 1: Biology Dr Nadine Amusant, FR; Dr Mark Mankowski, US 

Section 2: Test Methodology and Assessment Dr Christian Briscke, DE; Dr Erik Larnøy, NO 

Section 3: Wood Protecting Chemicals Dr Jun Zhang, US; Mr Patrick Meckler, DE 

Section 4: Processes and Properties Mr Paul Merrick, US; Dr Jan Van den Bulcke, BE 

Section 5: Sustainability and Environment Mr Dallin Brooks, US; Mr Lars Tellnes, NO